Question-4: IBM Spectrum is a software for file and object storage. And it can be deployed as a software-defined storage management solution with sophisticated data management capabilities. Which of the following can be a best fit for Cloudera CDP Private Cloud Base, which can use IB Spectrum based storage?

  1. Hive
  2. Impala
  3. NiFi
  4. Atlas


Exp: IBM Spectrum Scale is an industry-leading software for file and object storage. It can be deployed as a software-defined storage management solution that effectively meets the demands of AI, big data, analytics, and high-performance computing workloads. It has market leading performance and scalability, and a wealth of sophisticated data management capabilities.

IBM Elastic Storage System (ESS) is a fully integrated and tested Spectrum Scale storage building block that provides superb enterprise performance, reliability, availability, and serviceability. ESS is an optimum way to deploy Spectrum Scale storage for most Spectrum Scale use cases.

With IBM Spectrum Scale, clients can build highly scalable and globally distributed data lakes to form their Active Archives. IBM Spectrum Scale becomes the storage layer for your CDP Private Cloud Base environment as an alternative to native Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). It supports the access of the data by using HDFS Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) and is not apparent to the applications that use CDP Private Cloud Base. With IBM Spectrum Scale, you get more flexible deployment models for your storage system that help you optimize infrastructure costs.

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