Use Cases for NiFi and Kafka

  • Cloud native streaming applications as well ingesting data in Cloudera Data Platform.
  • Using NiFi to power cDP Ingest for various data services like
    • Apache Hive for Data Engineering
    • HBase
    • Kudu for Data Mart and more
    • Cloud Object stores etc.
  • Using NiFi or custom producers/consumers to interact with Kafka.
  • Enables cloud native streaming applications.

Cloudera Data Hub, NiFi and Kafka

  • You can launch many of NiFi and Kafka clusters using Cloudera Data Hub in public cloud and connect with each other in one or more environments.
  • All are governed and secured by single instance of Apache Ranger (Access policy) and Atlas (metadata and governance) instance. 
  • When you create Kafka Cluster on Cloudera Data Hub, you will get all this below components. (Pending 30 Mins Onwards)


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