Question-1: You are working in an organization Inc which provides the Data based products to their various clients. Entire data processing is done using 3 CDP cluster. Your administrator told you that you can use Cloudera manager for manage, configure, and monitor

All 3 CDP Private Cloud Base Cluster, using single Cloudera manager

You need 3 Cloudera manager installed for each CDP cluster, to manage 3 cluster

All 3 clusters Cloudera Runtime Services can be managed using single Cloudera manager

Using one Cloudera manager instance, you can manage only 1 cluster Cloudera Runtime Services

Answer: 1, 3

Exp: Cloudera manager is a

  • It is a Web Console Application.
  • Cloudera Manager is used to manage, configure, and monitor following two things
    • CDP Private Cloud Base Clusters
    • Cloudera Runtime Services

More than One Cluster: Cloudera Manager Application is used to manage one or more clusters. For example, you can create various clusters for different types of workload as well as env.

  • Production Parallel Cluster
  • Testing Cluster
  • Development Cluster
  • Data Engineering cluster

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