Question-5: Which of the following data would be collected and transmitted by Telemetry Service in Workload XM?

  1. Metrics data
  2. Configuration Data
  3. Log files
  4. Data processed by Job
  5. Host information on which Task was executed

Answer: 1,2,3

Exp: As soon as you enable the Workload XM, Cloudera Management Service will starts the Telemetry Publisher Role as well. For the following jobs

  • Impala
  • Oozie
  • Hive
  • YARN
  • Spark

Telemetry Publisher collects and transmits

  • Metrics data
  • Configuration Data
  • Log files


For all of the above-mentioned services to Workload XM. You can have multiple servers configured in your CDP and Telemetry Publisher Role collects metrics for all the clusters that use Workload-XM environments. For a single cluster how that is performed is shown below


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