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Register using below link, if you are interested in teaching student in following online format.

  1. One on One Teaching
  2. Group Teaching, upto 10 students in a batch

There is a quite high revenue possibilities, per student approx. 10,000 ($125 USD) INR to 25,000 INR ($300 USD). What we are looking from instructor. 

  1. He or She should be able to create course content. 
  2. Giving training with Hands On for IT trainings. 
  3. Helping student to setup an environment for practice. (If training includes Hands On Session). Basically, you own the end to end handling of the students and batches that is the reason you have high revenue sharing. 
  4. You can publish your own Course Syllabus. 
  5. Once you provide the course content our sales team curate it after consulting with you. And then it would be published on
  6. Our Business Development Team will contact you for your availability. If you are more flexible, chances are high student would be assigned to you else it will go to another available instructor. 
  7. Once your profile and courses are published, you will be contracted by our Business Development team to conduct the training. 
  8. Student satisfaction is the highest importance. 
  9. If you have any query please send an email to 

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