We are conducting one to one training for almost any courses. How this work

  • Step-1: Student Connect with QuickTechie.com usually by sending email to info@quicktechie.com or WhatsApp Call/Message on +91-8879712614
  • Step-2: They share their training requirement, with below information
    • Number of students (Only 1 is also fine or upto 15 is also fine)
    • Subject or Topic on which they want to get trained
    • What is their availability for training Weekend or Weekdays
  • Step-3: QuickTechie Business Development Team find the trainer from their Pool of trainers. Either Full time or Freelancer.
  • Step-4: Student is informed about the fee and availability.
  • Step-5: Student confirm below
    • His/Her availability
  • Step-6: Student makes the payment.
  • Step-7: Trainer will start setting up training environment with student.
  • Step-8: Once student and teacher confirm course/training will guaranteed to Run.
  • Step-9: One to one training is possible on Rare training courses as well. For which you will find very difficult to find trainers. Because, professional who are working on real time projects in industry is also in our trainer list. 
  • Step-10: You can check all our registered users and few selected trainers list at below link.
  • Step-11: If you have unique skillset, lets get registered as a trainer.
  • Do you know, we have both trainers and students global.


So what are you waiting for, send your requirement right away : info@quicktechie.com 

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